At HostCube we've made all our choices by picking the highest value solutions that offer the absolute best performance for our clients.

XEN Virtualization

We chose the XEN hypervisor for 3 simple reasons:

  • It's the most robust and stable virtualization software.
  • XEN architecture makes it impossible to oversell. This means you are guaranteed to have the resources you paid for on hand, which is something other virtualization software can't ensure.
  • XEN acts, looks, breaths like a dedicated server. You have a fixed amount of memory and swap space. You don't have to worry about memory issues or firewall limitations.


The performance, features, and reliability of Red Hat Linux, without the cost. CentOS is an open source version of the commercial Red Hat software. All CentOS binaries are based upon Red Hat source code and has the same support lifecycle of 5 years. We currently support CentOS 6 and 5 (64 bit). For customers that need Red Hat for any commercial software used on your VPS, please contact sales.

DirectAdmin Control Panel

The DirectAdmin control panel is available to HostCube customers. For resellers or designers who want an easy to use, "set it and forget" option, look no further than DirectAdmin. When compared to cPanel it uses significantly less system resources and is perfect for the VPS environment.

The control panel has these features:

  • Create/modify/delete web sites
  • Email accounts
  • Email aliases and autoresponders
  • Mailing Lists
  • DNS Management
  • Private FTP with SSL
  • Creation of sub domains and domain pointers
  • Scheduled Tasks (otherwise known as cron jobs)
  • Optional Installatron plugin - one click install and update notifcations for over 100 open source applications.

We have added exclusive features that make DirectAdmin perform even better:

  • 4 Separate DNS servers, 2 per data center. If your VPS instance goes down your DNS does not.
  • Easy to navigate control panel skin and integrates into our customer service portal.
  • Optional off-VPS anti-spam/anti-virus service. Freeing your VPS of CPU-intensive Email filtering.
  • Off server backups


Nagios and Cacti with custom plug-ins monitoring over 30 data points per server (part of customer realtime desktop view and also what we use to monitor every customer's instance)

Backup Software

Our backups are performed nightly by Bacula in a manner that does not affect your system performance. We backup not only the file system, but if we manage your database we perform a SQL dump before backups occur. Backups are stored a minimum of 30 days.

Auto Software Configuration

  • Software is automatically upgraded to fix security vulnerabilities
  • Best practices in software configuration
  • Self-healing software (meaning if a customer or a hacker uninstalls something)
  • Ensures a consistent configuration across VPS instances
  • Increases security measures and allows for quick deployment of updates


With thousands of hackers attempting literally millions of intrusions on a daily basis, security is not something you can afford to cut corners on. The simple truth is that if you compromise on security your server will be compromised eventually (and usually sooner rather than later).

Intelligent server security utilizes a strategy of deploying layers of many different methods of proactive, reactive and defensive measures to protect from getting compromised.

We are fully PCI CSS compliant and perform at minimum the following security precautions:

  • Remove unneeded services.
  • Employ best practices with software configuration (server hardening).
  • Automatic deployment of software updates.
  • Hardware and local firewalls.
  • Remote log storage.
  • Backups (can be used as a method to audit a server).
  • Scanning for common Rootkits.
  • Host Integrity Monitoring (HIM) to detect changes in operating system files.
  • Unusual port and services detection.
  • Monitoring services for availability and trends.

Custom security requirements are available. Please contact sales with your specific needs.



Our in-house, highly knowledgeable support team will be able to assist along the way.


Managed VPS

Our most popular VPS solutions preconfigured to save you time and money.



If you are unsure of which configuration best fits your needs, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.