Select your Appliance Image and we set it up for you so it's ready to go "out of the box." Don't waste time trying to get your server optimized for your specific application - with HostCube you're VPS will be fully optimized and ready for your web app.

Our most popular Appliance images include:

  • DirectAdmin
  • MySQL 5
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Django
  • Memcached
  • Base operating system (CentOS 6 or 5)

Many more Appliance images are available. Contact us for any custom options.

Auto Patch Management

Worried about the security risks of having old-version software or tired of the hours it takes to stay current with all patch releases? Let HostCube take care of it for you. We currently manage, configure and update over 100 software packages.

24 Hour Proactive, Centralized Monitoring with Desktop Access

Most companies offer monitoring, but all monitoring is definitely not created equal. In many cases, monitoring simply means pinging the VPS to make sure it's "live", which can miss many critical performance issues.

At HostCube we perform full monitoring which includes:

  • Auto restart failed services.
  • Checking to ensure the system producing valid results (ie MySQL) in addition to simply "running".
  • Disk space, CPU, and memory usage.
  • Visual trend monitoring (which is also available to customers).
  • Successful backups.
  • Escalation of services that do not auto restart.
  • Any service that's part of the Appliance (i.e. DirectAdmin - HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, etc..).
  • SSH and FTP brute force attacks.
  • Hourly log file monitoring and audits.

Additionally, because we perform centralized monitoring and are overseeing hundreds of servers at any given time, we see potential performance issues and threats on a network-wide basis and often are able to take action long before they affect your server. This level of monitoring simply can not be matched by isolated monitoring of one VPS by yourself.

24/7 Support

Everybody talks about their great support, but few companies can back it up when push comes to shove. We've built our business on service and will do whatever it takes to make your VPS run the way you want it.

We employ expert in-house staff, ensuring prompt and helpful responses to your issues (typically under 15 minute response time).

Experienced Staff

Our Senior employees all have over 15 years computer experience and do much more than simply keep your VPS running. They focus on tuning all services on an ongoing basis to ensure the best performance possible from our servers and our network - performance that simply can't be matched by budget or unmanaged providers.

PHP, Ruby on Rails,Perl, Java and Django Support

You code, we take care of the rest. If you've ever gone through the pain of trying to make your framework function on a platform that wasn't designed around it then you know what we mean. Your time as a developer is simply too valuable to spend precious hours setting up servers and performing sysadmin tasks. You just tell us what you need and we make sure it works. We also offer many tools and libraries to aid in your development. Frictionless development happens here.

Full 30 Day Backups

Backups are a little like car insurance - boring but necessary. At HostCube we include comprehensive backups with your managed service. Should catastrophe strike, you can rest assured that our nightly backups that we keep for a minimum of 30 days will be there to get you back on your feet.

Undersold enterprise level hardware

We have made service, reliability and performance our top priorities and we NEVER oversell our services. A rule of thumb in the hosting industry dictates that if a price is too low you can expect at least a certain amount of overselling to be present. At HostCube we understand that price is important, but we will never sacrifice performance to save a few bucks.


Need more resources than one VPS? We speak the native tongue of load balancers, SANs arrays and VPNs. Our in-house experts have the skills to make a complex or enterprise system a reality. We are happy to provide professional consulting services on an as-needed basis or as part of a custom management package. We can help optimize your application to scale horizontally with ease.

If you're in a situation where you're building traffic fast you've found the right place. Our support team can upgrade or provision new a VPS on a moment's notice. For this reason we recommend our clients start with the smallest package that makes sense and then scale it up to meet their needs (rather than oversell you into a larger package than you need). As well, should your requirements shrink for any reason, you're always free to move to a smaller plan.



Our in-house, highly knowledgeable support team will be able to assist along the way.


Managed VPS

Our most popular VPS solutions preconfigured to save you time and money.



If you are unsure of which configuration best fits your needs, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.