A Robust Development Environment

We Luv CodersWe love programmers. We're proud to offer full support of all the major current frameworks that run on Linux. Your time is simply too valuable to spend on all the routine IT work associated with budget and unmanaged solutions. HostCube makes it simply: we worry about all the hosting tasks and you just code.

Ruby On Rails PHP Python and Django Perl Java MySQL

Ruby on Rails

  • Mongrel, FastCGI included.
  • Fast LiteSpeed RoR performance available as an option.
  • Latest versions of RoR and Ruby.
  • Many gem libraries pre installed, with others available for installation.
  • SSH available.


  • suPHP or mod_php available.
  • Many options to make PHP much more secure than stock setup.
  • Options for MySQL and PHP versions.
  • Many PEAR libraries already installed and additional ones are available.


  • Lastest version of Django with Python 2.4.
  • Setup as mod_python or fastCGI - your choice.
  • We host hundreds of Django powered sites.


  • Better performing FastCGI or mod_perl options
  • Many pre-installed CPAN libraries available

Java Servlets

  • Apache Tomcat support

MySQL and PostgreSQL

We can optimize your database configuration per your needs. Databases are backed up properly and occur before file system backups. Included with your realtime graphs you can see trends and spot database bottlenecks. More advanced replication, high availability, load balancing, for high performance sites is available as an additional option.



Our in-house, highly knowledgeable support team will be able to assist along the way.


Managed VPS

Our most popular VPS solutions preconfigured to save you time and money.



If you are unsure of which configuration best fits your needs, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.