Our Philosophy

Value, service, performance and reliability. At HostCube, our mission is to create an uncompromising virtual server hosting environment at a price that makes sense. We understand that bargain hosting that costs you several hours a month of sysadmin time is no bargain. Plus, you don't want to put your work at risk by skimping on security, backups, service, monitoring or performance.

At HostCube we've built what we feel is the best value in the industry for developers, designers and business who are not prepared to compromise when it comes to their hosting.


24/7/365 in-house expert support, full 30 day backups, proactive monitoring, full management, auto patch management and complex hosting options are just the beginning. We also offer full support for Django, Ruby on Rails, PHP and more.

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Robust Development Environment

We love programmers. We're proud to offer full support of all the major current frameworks that run on Linux. Your time is simply too valuable to spend on all the routine IT work associated with unmanaged or budget solutions. HostCube makes it simply: we worry about all the hosting tasks and you just code.

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We have chosen XEN virtualization because performance is guaranteed and it is impossible to oversell XEN-managed servers. The bottom line is that you are guaranteed to receive the performance you've paid for, which is not the case with other virtualization technologies and configurations.

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Hardware and Facilities

For ultimate reliability we house all equipment at 2 East Coast Tier4, class A data centers. We run a separate private network to ensure performance and security on all critical functions. Our hardware is exclusively enterprise-level and is 100% owned by HostCube.

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Our in-house, highly knowledgeable support team will be able to assist along the way.


Managed VPS

Our most popular VPS solutions preconfigured to save you time and money.



If you are unsure of which configuration best fits your needs, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.