Managed Cloud Service by HostCube

Cloud computing solves the problem of allocating new hardware quickly, but doesn't solve the issue of system administration. If anything, with cloud computing it makes managing the software much more complicated. HostCube's managed cloud service was designed to solve this problem.

The service is similar to our HostCube's managed VPS offering, except can work with any major cloud providers such as Amazon's EC2, or Linode. We currently can manage CentOS or Red Hat installs.

Key Features

  • Proactive Monitoring
    Over 30 points are monitored by our staff 24/7. In most cases, the issue is resolved before you are aware that anything has happened.
  • Service Autoresetart
    When a service becomes unresponsive our monitoring service will restart it automatically.
  • Customer Service Alerts
    If your instance becomes unresponsive we will notify you via Email or cell phone. We also send out alerts reading high CPU load, high memory usage and running out of disk space.
  • Software Patch Updates Daily
    We have our own local repository for software distribution, and have our own software packages.
  • Responsive Technical Support
    In-house, knowledgeable, highly trained support staff. Responses are guaranteed within 4 hours; most responses are within 15 minutes.
  • Real Time Resource Usage
    Monitor vital statistics (CPU, disk, memory, bandwidth, etc.) that allows you to spot trends in your application and help make it more efficient.
  • Secure and Locked Down Instances
    We customize your instance to make sure it's secure, and remove or disable unneeded services.
  • Automated Administration
    We have over 150 software modules in which we can manage most aspects of an instance. From Apache to Yum.

$100.00 Instance/Month*

10% discount when ordering five or more

* - Does not include cloud provider fees, and are billed through them.

Additional Options

  • DirectAdmin Control Panel $20.00/mo
  • Installatron $8.00/mo
  • SSL Cert $50.00/yr
  • LiteSpeed Web Server $14.00/mo

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Our in-house, highly knowledgeable support team will be able to assist along the way.



We support all of the major programming languages and web frameworks. You code, we take care of the rest.



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