New Feature: Kernel Update Notification

February 12th, 2012   

We’ve rolled out a new feature for our Managed VPS, and Managed Cloud customers.

The problem is management of the kernel. An outdated kernel can mean security risks, especially the possibility of getting “rooted”. While we have tools that can monitor every aspect of a customer’s instance, we didn’t have an effective method to assure a customer was running a secure kernel. This new feature will help ensure the proper kernel is installed, and increase the security of customer instances.

We’ve rolled out this to not only help us with our managed VPS customers, but also it’s especially important to our managed cloud customers. In many cases, with our cloud based customers, we do not have access to update your kernel. If this is the case, the customer must update the kernel themselves.

Starting today, customers can check our monitoring system to see if their instance has an acceptable kernel installed. If not, the KERNEL service row will be colored red.

Managed VPS customers who may see an outdated kernel are not to worry. We typically update kernels within the week of an update. We will send out a general notice on about this update, and will reboot your instance to update the kernel. No work is needed on your end.

Managed cloud customers if you need assistance with a kernel upgrade, please don’t hesitate contacting support.

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