Fully Managed VPS plus Backups, Security & Proactive Monitoring

Some companies offer unbelievable deals on “managed” services, but leave you with a long list of things you still need to take care of.

At HostCube we understand that bargain hosting which costs you several hours a month of sysadmin time is no bargain. Plus, you don't want to put your web service at risk by skimping on security, backups, service, monitoring or performance.

Our aim is to provide the absolute best overall value for developers and designers who value their time and their work.

You focus on your designing and coding great sites and apps and we'll take care of the rest.

Check out our Managed VPS Packages.

Our Promise

We promise to provide outstanding, affordable and stable service with reliable and proven Xen technology. Our in-house, knowledgeable staff is always available to assist you along the way.

Developer? Designer?

The word is out. We provide the perfect level of service for the development and design communities. We’ve built an offering that allows you to start small and scale as large as your dreams will take you – perfect for both one person shops and large agencies.

HostCube Advantage

Our service is built on the principles of reliability, performance, scalability and value. As such, all our managed configurations include:

  • 24 hour proactive monitoring
  • Undersold enterprise level hardware
  • No long-term commitments
  • Auto patch management
  • Real-time monitoring viewable from your desktop
  • Full 30 day backups
  • Root access available


HostCube’s VPS packages are fully scalable so you can quickly deploy a new VPS instance whenever your needs grow.

Is a VPS right for me?

Are your web operations important enough that you don’t want the performance compromise of shared hosting for yourself or your clients? Do you want the sheer horsepower of your own servers without the hardware costs or admin hassle?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you can save money and improve performance with our XEN VPS options. Read our VPS FAQs or check out our VPS hosting options to find out more.

Small Managed VPS Price

Small Managed VPS Plan

Plan Includes:

  • Xen VPS Technology
  • 64-bit Operating System
  • Complete Management
  • ¼ CPU Allocation
  • ¼ GB RAM
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth




Our in-house, highly knowledgeable support team will be able to assist along the way.



We support all of the major programming languages and web frameworks. You code, we take care of the rest.



If you are unsure of which configuration best fits your needs, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.